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Carrie Zaruba back with soaring new 'Hearts Beat' EP

Country singer Carrie Zaruba is back with her newest EP “Hearts Beat,” which was based on her experiences as a new mother.

Her EP is a refreshing take on such themes as love, redemption, honesty and authenticity. It opens with the powerhouse vocal “Postcards,” where she showcases her trademark pipes and distinct voice, and it features a killer electric guitar solo.

Spotlight On The 615: Carrie Zaruba

The debut single from Carrie Zaruba is called “Woman On A Mission,” and she says when it comes to music, it’s one she has been on for quite a long time.


“I grew up in a musical family and was exposed to very eclectic sounds early on,” she tells Billboard. “I was trained classically as a lyrical soprano at the Baltimore School of the Arts. It was a conservatory-type high school, so it was very rigorous- both academically and musically. That was my background in singing. It’s almost like learning how to draw lines when you’re an artist,” says Zaruba, recently named on of the “Artists To Watch” in 2013 by the CMA.



Kent Wells

Carrie is a gifted and dynamic singer-songwriter that has a unique and powerful voice in the musical universe. I’m very proud of the music we’ve made together and am not only a friend but a huge fan of hers!


Carrie’s EP opens with the soaring title track, where her vocals are slightly reminiscent to that of fellow country start Messina. Another gorgeous vocal is “Belly of the Beast”, similar to the vocals of Reba McEntire. Carrie is indeed on a mission: to deliver the best music possible to her country fans and she succeeds on this goal. She sings with a lot of soul and passion. It garners 5 out of 5 stars.

New CMA Member: Carrie Zaruba

CMA welcomes new member, Country singer Carrie Zaruba, who stopped by Sept. 16, 2013 to sign up for CMA membership.


Zaruba signed up as she was sharing the excitement about filming her official music video to her next single, Time Bomb. During her visit, she brought party poppers and celebrated with CMA staff as she joined Country’s premiere trade organization, boasting more than 6,500 members worldwide.



Robert K Oermann

“…there’s real talent here, in songwriting as well as singing.”

Debut Spotlight: Carrie Zaruba

What made Baltimore native Carrie Zaruba so tough, so able to express her feelings in song? Maybe it comes from always being the last kid when your class had to line up in alphabetical order? Whatever it was, she is rising into the Country Music sky, bright, fast and impossible to ignore.Her debut album, Woman on a Mission, announces her arrival with crunchy power guitar, sizzling Country fiddle and lyrics that bounce between heartbreak and fist-pumping pride.

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